How to Increase Internet Speed

Top tips to improve internet speed for free.

Positioning Your Router

To enjoy better wifi speeds, place the router close to where you use it most frequently. Placing the router close to your home office or living area is normally good practice.

If you live in a large house, then you may want to consider using wifi-extenders or connect via ethernet to improve connection speeds.

Consider Using Ethernet

Wi-Fi is revolutionary, it makes our data rich lives much easier. However, Wi-Fi is not without it's own limitations. Internet speed is probably the biggest sacrifice that we experience when using Wi-Fi.

Hard wired connections like ethernet provide faster and more stable connections. Using a ethernet connection means that the data gets passed directly to and from the router. This also means that there is no interferance from other devices in the home.

Reduce Connected Devices

Modern day routers allow connecting multiple devices at the same time. However, this can be a problem in modern times as we are a device heavy generation. Phones, tablets, consoles, laptops and Wi-Fi enabled Televisions. When too many devices are connected, you are likely to experience slower response times.

How can I reduce ping rate/latency?

Latency and ping rate can be reduced dramatically by using an ethernet cable. If you regularly play online games or use live streaming software, then you should definitely consider using an ethernet connection.

We recommend connecting devices that require fast response times via ethernet. Examples of this include Xbox, PlayStation and other gaming consoles.

If you use video streaming platforms such as Netflex or Amazon Prime Video on your TV, then using a cable connection can dramatically improve the viewing experience.

Restart Your Router

Like all devices, routers can overheat when switched on for long periods of time. It is recommended to restart your router at least once a month to improve internet speeds.

Change Your Internet Provider

It's always a good idea to shop around. Find the best internet service providers in your area and compare them against your current provider. The packages offered can vary greatly and is often worth your time doing the research.

Hopefully these tips are helpful. Check out the internet speed test using the button below.

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