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What is an Internet Speed Test?

An internet speed test is an easy way to check internet speed. By taking a speed test, you can determine if the service provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is matching the subscription that you are paying for each month.

How to do an Internet Speed Test

Simply click the "Start Speed Test" button at the top of the page and the internet speed test will begin. Once the internet speed test is complete, you will see your upload speed, download speed, internet latency and jitter results.

What is a good Internet Speed?

The internet speed will vary depending on the type of internet connection (wifi or cable) and broadband package you are subscribed to.

For example if you are using a sim only broadband, then the speed will depend on the cellular coverage (sim card coverage).

In general, you should hope to achieve at least 60% of the advertised speed for your chosen internet package.

How can I improve my internet speed?

There are a lot of variables that can lead to slow internet speeds. We have prepared some tips to help you get faster internet speeds. Visit our how to increase internet speed page to learn more.

Why is my Internet Speed Result Different?

The free internet speed test results will vary depending on the location of the server that is hosting the internet test.

Our servers are currently hosted in the United States, so test results from locations outside of the US may appear slower than expected.

Why is my broadband speed slow?

There are a number of factors that can lead to a slow internet connection. You can check wifi speed using the speed checker above. If you have a fast internet connection, then the problem may not be related to your internet service provider.

How to Check Internet Speed in Laptop, PC or Mobile Phone?

The free internet speed test provided will work across all devices. You can check internet speed on phone, tablet or laptop in the same way.

What is Ping in Internet Speed Test?

Ping is a measurement of how fast or slow the response time is for your internet connection. A low ping from your internet test signifies that you have a fast response time from your connection. A ping of below 20 is considered to be fast, while a ping from of less than 100 is average.

The easiest way to reduce the ping is to use a wired connection such as an ethernet cable. Having a low ping is highly advised for online gaming and streaming.

What is Latency in Internet Speed Test?

Latency is another way to describe jitter. It is the delay in data being transmitted over the network. It mostly occurs due to congestion, and can result in low quality video and audio streaming.

What is Jitter in Internet Speed Test?

Jitter is a time delay in the data being sent over a network. Jitter is also described as latency variation, or more technically as Packet Delay Variation (PDV). Network congestion is normally the cause of jitter. It can lead to reduced quality of video and audio, especially when streaming.

How Accurate is Google Internet Speed Test?

When it comes to internet speed, Google has consistently been one of the fastest ISPs in the nation. It's no surprise, then, that their speed test is also one of the most accurate and well-known on the internet.

Overall the Google internet speed test is thought to have better accuracy than most ISP speed tests. Google offers a free and accurate fiber speed test, however the results of each service will vary depending on distance from the server being used to host the test.

While most ISPs provide equally accurate speed tests, it's still vital for potential subscribers to figure out which is the best for their internet usage.

Top 10 Internet Speed Test Checks Online

Sometimes it can be useful to test internet speed on different websites to compare the results. Here is a list of 10 internet speed checks online that are free to use:

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  5. Bandwidth Place
  7. Internet Health Test
  9. Speakeasy Fusion Speed Test
  10. Ookla

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