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Measure your typing speed with the 10 minute online typing test.

Take the typing speed test to quickly check your writing speed. This typing practice test will calculate your average WPM.

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The speed typing test is not available on smaller screen sizes. To test your writing speed and average words per minute, use a laptop or computer keyboard.

What is an online typing test?

The typing test is a method of measuring your typing to calculate your speed, accuracy, and speed over accuracy ratio. It is usually a simple test where you will be asked to type a phrase and either hit submit once you want to stop or continue until the time runs out.

Normally you will be asked to type several sentences to get a good measure of your typos and general pace. Most online typing tests will give you a score after completion of the test and generally the most important metric is the words per minute (WPM).

How does the typing speed test work?

The typing speed test assesses your typing speed. The test is carried out over a set period in minutes (1 minute test, 5 minute test etc). The test consist of you typing sentences. Every sentence is a mixture of: numbers, capital letters, lower case letters and special characters.

When you complete the test, you'll see your keystrokes per minute, along with mistakes and overall accuracy. While it doesn't necessarily measure your general typing skills, it can help you see how fast you type compared to others around the world.

Understandably, when you first take the test, you might get nervous and not type as fast as you can. This is fine, and if you practice more frequently then you are likely to see improvement after a couple weeks and get better at typing the correct words. Taking a typing speed test is a great way to improve your typing skills. After a few tries, you might also see that you have improved your scores and that you can type faster than before.

What is a good typing speed?

A good typing speed is around 50 words per minute. If you are having trouble getting past that mark, it may be because you're not putting your fingers on the home keys. This will allow you to type more accurately and not have to worry about hitting the wrong keys. To increase your speed, practice typing a lot.

You can even set a time limit for yourself when doing this to train your brain to type at a quicker pace. Eventually, you'll be able to type faster without even thinking about it!

How can I type faster?

There are a lot of different ways to be fast with typing without having fast fingers. Of course, your biggest advantage is having great typing skills, which you can gain from typing practice. It also helps a lot if you are a native English speaker. However, even if English is your second language, your typing speed can be improved with practice. Taking a typing test in english regularly will improve your ability over time.

Before you know it, you'll be cruising along at a nice clip! Another thing you can do to type fast is to be really familiar with the keyboard. The more familiar you are with where the keys are, the faster you can move your hands.

Typing fast is something people admire you for, but it is something you can do by practice and patience. First, you need to practice keying in a deliberate but quick way, not slow and deliberate, or fast and frantic. Practice this until you can easily get the words down.

Keyboards for Lightning Fast Typing Speeds

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