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Track your typing speed with the 2 minute online typing test.

Take the typing speed test now and check your writing speed quickly and easily. This typing practice test will calculate your average WPM.

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The speed typing test is not available on smaller screen sizes. To test your writing speed and average words per minute, use a laptop or computer keyboard.

Why take an online typing test?

If you're looking for a quick way to determine your typing speed, try taking an online typing test. You can see how quickly you type with our free typing test, which includes a paragraph writing speed test. You'll get a free typing speed score once the timer stops (or even if you decide to stop before the end).

You will be able to check your typing speed results and compare your typing speed to others once you have completed the test.

How does the English typing test work?

The English typing test is one of the most prominent methods for determining typing speed. Employers commonly use this test to assess new workers' typing speed.

This is especially true for businesses that deal with a huge volume of data that must be entered into a computer. The candidate is asked to write a few pages of text in the English typing exam. The test is timed, and the candidate's performance is graded depending on how rapidly they type.

A high score makes the candidate more appealing to companies since they can enter data more quickly. It is also used by typing students to help them increase their typing speed. Typing classes often require students to type a specified number of words per minute in order to pass the class.

The free online typing test can help students improve their typing speed by challenging them to write more words in a given amount of time.

What is the average WPM in typing?

Have you ever thought about how much faster you could type? The average person can type at a rate of roughly 40 words per minute (WPM). A professional typist could type at a rate of 100 WPM. However, there are persons who can type faster than 170 WPM.

How is this even possible? They learnt to type by utilizing the appropriate equipment and practicing every day. Take the 3-minute online typing test to get your average words per minute and see how you compare.

How can I learn to type faster?

If you have a basic understanding of how to write correctly by using both hands on the keyboard, you will have 10 quick fingers to achieve an ideal typing speed.

Typing exercises are necessary if you want to learn how to type quickly. The dilemma is, how do you know whether you're getting better? One method is to use a timer or a speed test to measure your progress.

However, if you want to truly assess and increase your typing speed, you'll need a technique to compare your performance to a baseline test. What exactly is a baseline test? It is a test that is used to compare outcomes to other tests. In the context of typing speed testing, it is a test that you perform using your computer's keyboard and default settings. Then you repeat the test with your faster typing speed.

A baseline test is a fantastic approach to measure how far you've come. It is also a fantastic technique to ensure if your typing speed is increasing.

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